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Regional Institute of Ophthalmology Kolkata

Community Ophthalmology Programme

An essential part of RIO's efforts to control blindness is its community programme. The main activities include eye camps and school eye health screening programme.

The purpose of eye camps os to provide basic eye care services to the unreached and poor population followed by necessary management or surgery. Ocular surgery is usually performed at RIO although there are special outreach surgical camps too. Eye screening camps are supported by NGO with the help of medical personnel. RIO conducts eye camps every day of the week.

The other man outreach activity is school to identify students with visual impairment. The ophthalmic assistance examine those selected students for refraction and prescribe the glasses if there are refractive errors. In case of no visual improvement or other eye diseases they refer them to special clinics of the base hospitals for further management. Free spectacles are provided to the poorer students.

Since the year 2001, a sentinel Surveillance Unit project under NPCB is going on at RIO, for the evaluation of the visual outcome after cataract surgery. The quarterly report of Ocular morbidity and Cataract Surgery reports are regularly sent to ADGHS (Ophthalmology) at New Delhi.