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Regional Institute of Ophthalmology Kolkata

Cornea Surgery

In India about 2 million people are blind due to corneal diseases. The cornea clinic attends a large number of corneal pathology cases majority of which are infectious keratitis. Fungal infections contribute more than the half of the infectious keratitis. The in-house ocular microbiology laboratory assists in diagnosis and management of infective corneal ulcers. The most common fungi

isolated are Asperigellus species while the most common bacterial isolated are Streptococcus epidermidis and the use of topical Itraconazole as anti-fungal agent was first started in this clinic. The clinic conducts several research works. TCMR project for the amniotic membrane transplants in dry eyes are in progress.

The other cases seen in this clonics are corneal opacities due to various causes dystrophies etc. The Eye Bank started in this hospital in the yaer 1966. Since then gradually increasing number of donated eyes have been received and corneal transplantations are done regularly, probably the highest in the Eastern Region, The clinic has slit lamp with anterior segment photography system, specular microscope for corneal endothelial study, Keratoanalyser and pachymeter for measurement of corneal thickness.

Cornea Transplant

Keratorefractive Surgery (Vision Correction)