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Regional Institute of Ophthalmology Kolkata

Pediatric Ophthalmological Services

This clinic provides variety of eye care services to the children. Some of the common childhood eye diseases seen in this clinic are refarctive errors, strabismus, amblyopia, cataract, glaucoma, lachrymal duct obstruction and congenital eye diseases.

Thsi was started in the year 2005 and flourished since its inceptions. From the year 2007, ORBIS International gave financial assistance for its development and training of the staff, Senior Faculties as well as junior RMO cum Clinical Tutors have undergone fellowship on this project at Arvind Hospital, Madurai and Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai Ophthalmic Assistance and Nursing Personnel were also trained. The clinic has been well equipped with sophisticated slit lamp, synoptophore, prism bars, Perkin's tonometer and pediatric cataract, correction of squint, DCR for congenital dacryocystitis and also the surgery for pediatric glaucoma cases are regularly performed. ROP service is also provided from this unit.

1. Squint Clinic

         Squint Evaluation & Squint Surgery

2. Paediatric Cataract Surgery

3. Paediatric Glaucoma Surgery

4. Paediatric Retina Surgery